How to choose a financial advisor

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This is the One Minute How To:  How to Choose a Financial Advisor.

George: Hello, everyone. This is George your host. On this show, we’ve got Gill Beebe, and she’s going to explain to us how to choose a financial advisor. Gill, can you first tell us a little something about yourself?

Gill: Well , I’m a personal finance speaker and author of “no height, the straight goods on investing your money”. I discuss investing basics from the savvy financial industry outsider point of view. Ponzi scheme financial advisers have been in the news of late in both Canada and the United States, so I thought it was appropriate to talk about how to choose the right financial advisor for you.

George: Okay Gill, if you’re ready, then you’ve got sixty seconds.

Gill: Okay, great. First of all you need to estimate how much money you have to invest. Then you need to decide what you expect of a financial advisor. The kinds of things you might want that financial advisor to do is develop a written personal investment strategy. Provide advice on the tax implications of investments, and meet face to face with you on a regular basis. Next, make a list of questions for potential advisors for instance. What are your qualifications? What is your investment philosophy? How are you paid? Next, you need to identify some potential advisers. Do some research and identify the two or three most promising candidates from the leads that you’ve obtained. Confirm that the advisor and his or her firm have the stated qualifications that offer the promised services. Check that they are in good standing with their professional association. Contact the chosen advisor and negotiate the business relationship.

George: I guess it’s important to get any agreements done on writing.

Gill: Yes . Ask for a written agreement detailing such things as your expected rate of return on your investments, investment restrictions, all the fees and charges that you will have to pay, what kind of reporting on investment performance the advisor will provide.

George: Now, I’m wondering when someone is advising you as to how to utilize your resources. Does it make sense to separate that person from the individual who’s going to actually implement the plan?

Gill: If you have that option … what I found here in Canada from people I’ve talked to is that those kinds of people are difficult to come across. Most financial advisers also sell investments.

George: Ok . Gill, is there anything else you’d like to talk about?

Gill: I just wanted to let listeners know that my book “no height, the straight goods on investing your money” has lots more details on choosing a financial advisor and many other aspects of investing, and find out more at no

Gill: Thanks a lot. I appreciate it.

Thanks for inviting me. George.


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