How to learn a foreign language without attending a language course

This is the one minute how.
How to learn a foreign language without attending a language course?

George: Hello, everyone. This is George your host. On this show. We’ve got Vared forbs. And she’s going to explain to us how to learn a foreign language without attending a language course Vared. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Vered: Okay. Well I am a twenty three year old early music student in Brussel, Belgium. I have been living here for a bit longer than three years and when I came to Belgium I spoke to on a fraction languages. Now I speak four. when I came here I spoke English Hebrew a basic knowledge of dutch and zero French and now my dutch is pretty fluent and I have an intermediate level of French because I’m a full time student. I really don’t have time also to attend language courses. But in Brussels is a very international city. I find it quite useful and quite handy to have this knowledge of these languages.

George: Okay. Well, if you’re ready, then you’ve got sixty seconds.

Vered: Ok. There are many different ways to learn a language. Here are some ideas. But remember, in any case, this is a long process. Just remember that persistence is the key. Choose the language you want to learn by a book that will teach you basics. Listen to language podcasts. You can find many on items watch movies with subtitles in the language you want to learn or vice versa. Go to a country that speaks the language date Someone who speaks the language read a paper in that language learn to understand things by context. Listen to the radio or internet radio in that language. Read a comic read a book you know well like the bible in the other language with a translated classic children’s book in it’s original for example if you’re learning French regional violence around the world in eighty days in its original have a handy dictionary to look up words, read the same article for example. And we keep idea twice, first in English, then in the language you want to learn practice, practice and practice. Don’t be afraid of mistakes. That is the way to learn.

George: Well it’s interesting that you mentioned language podcasts. There are so many language pod casts available for anyone and the Japanese language podcast is one I would think would be very difficult. But there are a lot of people following that.

Vered: I personally don’t follow any eastern languages right now, but when I first discovered podcasts on itunes that was on the top of the list for language pod casts actually Japanese and I’ve seen Korean Mandarine and many other languages that people would normally not think of learning.

George: Okay. Is there anything else you’d like to talk about?

Vered: Well, two things. First of I must say that I found it’s very important to speak another language in addition to English since in many parts of the world people just don’t speak English even in Europe I live in Belgium and I had many opportunities to discover the truth the hard way. So it’s very important to speak at least the basics of language that you can communicate with more than just sign language. I also would want to mention my website. IT’s whether the gamma is v e r e d d a g a m b a dot com.

George: Okay, but thank you very much. I appreciate IT.

Vered: Thank you.

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