How to tune in to be a successful business leader

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How to tune in to be a successful business leader?

George: Hello, everyone. This is George your host on this show. We’ve got Phil Myers and he’s going to explain to us how to tune in to be a successful business leader. Phil, can you for social something about yourself?

Phil: Sure. George, I’m president of pragmatic marketing and co author of a new book called tuned in how to uncover the extraordinary opportunities that lead to business breakthroughs. It’s a book that really identifies the secrets that separate winners and losers in today’s marketplace.

George: All right, Phil, could you set things up for us first?

Phil: You know, leading a business. We talked to hundreds of business leaders and thousands of different companies. And the number one trait that we found in leaders of companies that produce breakouts were that they had a leadership culture that was tuned in. And by being tuned in, they really mastered four characteristics that we didn’t see in organizations that were following.

George: Okay, Phil, if you’re ready, then you’ve got sixty seconds.

Phil: The first is that they were proactive in problem solving versus being reactive and veils and customer driven activities. They bent their own personal time and the times of organization out in the marketplace looking to uncover unresolved problems that their buyers had. The second was that the organizations were strategy field. They knew what they were wanting to accomplish, how they were going to accomplish it nor organization People and processes were tuned in a line to it. The third was that they had very specific filters for how they make decisions and they weren’t based on opinions. They were based on the amount of data that was collected and that could substantiate any new investment that they made.  And the fourth was that they use simple measurements or making decisions and filtering how they move the business forward. And it was based on what buyers value what problems they had that were urgent pervasive they were willing to spend money to solve and what problems that this organization that they lead could uniquely solve.

George: Did you see much of a difference with these companies?

Phil: These organizations were achieving some extraordinary growth rates twice as fast as their peer groups. Profitability rates, thirty one percent higher on customer satisfaction rates, twenty percent higher, all because they were turned in at their core.

George: You know, Ive worked for a number of companies myself and seeing the pro active abilITies of some of the more successful companies I’ve worked for. IT’s just a night and day difference between. those who are ready to face challenges and the others who wait for those challenges to come to him and then try to figure out what to do.

Phil: You know george is something you can almost sense when you walk in the door. But one of the filters that we went through when we talk to these companies was we just asked a variety of people in the organization where they were spending their time. And when you find a predominant amount of the time being spent in the here and now and in the things that are going to keep us afloat for today versus where we going on how are we going to succeed as a business over the long term? You know whether you are in a team

George: inner and outer organization. Right it to start.

Phil: Okay phil, is there anything else you’d like to talk about?

George: Just like to tell everyone that this is one of the techniques that we talk about in our new book, tuned in uncover the extraordinary opportunities that lead to business breakthroughs. And you can visit us that w w w dot tuned in book dot com to find out more about what we’ve written and what we learn. Okay, phil, thanks for being on the show and charge.

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