How to write flawless email

This is the one minute how to.
How to write flawless email.

George:  Hello every one, this is George your host on this show, we’ve got Riddicka Shudnes. She’s going to explain to us how to write flawless email Riddicka can you first tell us a little something about yourself.

Riddicka: Hi George, to tell you a little about myself, I’m the head of sales and marketing for a company called chilly breeze. We provide content and design services and we’ve got clients from all around the world. So we’re more or less a virtual company functioning out of a website. That’s www.chilly Since content providing is something that we do as, as a part of our regular work, we do a whole lot of email writing since we are so virtual. And that’s where I picked up all these steps that I am sharing with all your listeners now.

George:   Fantastic. Ok. Well, since you sent me your file, I’m going to go ahead, and have you first set things up for us?

Riddicka: Most of us use email as our prime mode of communication are in boxes are filled with messages and we struggle all day long to try to respond to them. Most of the time, we managed to muddle through quite. All right. But then there are those days when things seem to go excruciatingly wrong.

George: Ok. Then if you’re ready, then you’ve got sixty seconds.

Riddicka: Most email software have a spell check, and we all usually have it enabled. Resist the temptation to skip the spelling and grammar check, even if it’s an internal email or just a short note to a colleague or friend, no matter how short or basic the message we all want our mails to be read, modify the subject line, even if you’re replying to a continuing threat of messages, add a few words at the start of the subject line to grab everyone’s attention, mark the mail as high or low priority, and save the high priority mark or leaf a special occasions are your clients and colleagues to add your name to their address book. This is the best way to make it into the in box and stay away from the spam folder.  While you wouldn’t hit the send button. When your message is not complete, sometimes computers take it upon themselves to record a and send a message, Anyway. the best way to prevent this from happening is never insert recipients email ID in the to field until you’re done writing the message.

George: Ok, Riddick, is there anything else you’d like to talk about?

Riddicka: I’m planning to put the how to doc on our website as an article with some more added points for your listeners. So if anyone is interested in knowing more, they can go to our website, that’s C H I L L I B R E E Z E .com.  And we’d be happy to have people’s opinions about it, too.

George:  Ok. And of course, I’ll make sure that there is a link to that in the show notes.

Riddicka: Thank you so much George.

George:  And thank you very much, Riddicka.

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