How to explore a country

This is the one minute how to.
How to explore a country?

George: Hello, everyone. This is George your host on this show. We’ve got Kinsey Swartz, and he’s going to explain to us how to explore country. Kinsey, Can you at first tell us a little something about yourself?

Kinsey: Well, my name is Kinsey. I sometimes got by twenty and I have a podcast named twenty time. And that’s about it.

George: Okay. Well, if you’re ready, then here’s your sixty seconds.

Kinsey: First buy yourself a lonely planet guide book for that particular country. This will give you a wealth of information to prepare for your trip, including tips on avoiding dangers and inconveniences that you otherwise wouldn’t know about. If the native language is not your own, you will benefit immensely from learning to speak it as well as possible before going. However, not all language learning courses and strategies are created equal. Far more important than the number of hours you spent studying is choosing the right method. So thoroughly explore your options beforehand. Also don’t get caught up in the need to cover as much ground as possible as quickly as possible. When you find yourself somewhere pleasant and enjoyable, force yourself to stay a few days you’ll look back on your stay there is one of the highlights of your trip. Ironically the nicest places are the easiest to leave, whereas the heck holes will often delay you. Finally, you’ll meet a lot of people along the way either to give helpful advice on where to go and what to see. This can be quite useful, but always remember that it’s your trip. Never feel pressure to change your plans just because someone insists that you would be a fool to miss out on something.

George: One of the things that I’ve noticed when going to a country, as you mentioned, someone will say, oh, well, you can’t miss this or you can’t miss that. And I guess the thing that has never really worked for me is that my tastes may not be the same as someone else’s tastes.

Kinsey: Yes. I actually I come across all the time when I’m travelling and when I first went on a major back packing trip I kept finding myself doing things that I wasn’t that interested in. And I I realized like after the fact or even during the fact that what what am I doing. I mean, I ‘m like, I’m not really that interested. I’m just doing this because someone at the youth hostel told me I had to and they’ll be disappointed in me. If I if I don’t do it but I really don’t want to what am I doing? I should be doing what I wanna do

George: and I guess learning a little bit about the country before you go is certainly a good idea because that’ll give you a much better idea as to what you might be interested in doing.

Kinsey: Yeah, some people make the argument that it’s good to not know anything about it. So you’re constantly surprised that you’re in countering all these things you didn’t expect. But actually no matter how much you prepare, you’ll you’ll encounter all sorts of surprises and things that you never even thought of.

George: Okay? Kinsey, is there anything else you’d like to talk about?

Kinsey: No, that’s actually about it.

George: Could you tell us a little bit about your pod cast? What it’s about

Kinsey: actually don’t really know what my pod cast is about. I just I do all sorts of things. I I think the tagline is it’s a pod cast about nearly everything. If I find someone interesting to interview, I interview them. If there’s something interesting I want to talk about, I talk about it, but I just try to be entertaining and and do a variety of things.

George: Okay? And where would we find your pod cast?

Kinsey: I just got a

George: It sounds interesting. And I have a feeling some people are going to at least be checking it out.

Kinsey: That would be cool.

George: Okay, Kinsey thanks a lot. I appreciate it. Kinsey: Thank you very much.

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