How to keep your teeth for a lifetime

گوش دادن به پادکست های انگلیسی به تقویت مهارت listening و یادگیری لغات و اصطلاحات خیلی کمک میکنه. هر هفته جمعه براتون یه پادکست داریم. متن پادکست رو می تونین تو لینک زیر ببینین و درک مطلبتون رو امتحان کنید.
موضوع این پادکست How to keep your teeth for a lifetime. هست و برای زبان آموزان سطح متوسطه به بالا مناسبه.

This is the one minute how to:
How to keep your teeth for a lifetime.

George:  Hello everyone. This is George your host. On this show, we’ve got Doctor John Red, and he’s going to explain to us how to keep your teeth for a lifetime. Doctor Red, can you first tell us a little something about yourself?

John:  Ah. Yes, I’m a dentist practicing in Tampa, Florida. I practice comprehensive cosmetic and implant dentistry, with emphasis on prevention and overall health.

George:  Okay, doctor. If you’re ready, then you’ve got sixty seconds.

John:  Well, a person’s mouth is really a beautifully designed instrument that if certain things are watched out for there’s never a reason to have problems with your teeth. Basically, if you watch out for two things, bacteria which is cavities and things like that or in keeping your mouth clean is one thing to watch out for, the other is for bite forces, for example, the wheels on your cars are aligned correctly the tires run very, very nicely. The same thing works in your mouth. So, if you watch out for bacteria, keep things clean, make sure teeth are restored properly, and your bite is nicely even while chewing, it’s almost a flawless system.

George:  Now I’m wondering about flossing because you know for the longest time that was always that was the thing that I just never bothered doing and I do now on a regular basis, but I’m wondering their products that have come out that I guess spray water or do some other things other than just using your regular floss. Do they work as well?

John:  That actually takes care of again the bacterial aspect of them. Those are just mechanical ways of doing it. If you want to use floss, toothpicks, water picks, tree bark … I couldn’t care less as long as you’re mechanically removing the bacteria from between your teeth, you’re eliminating one of the major problems of a lifetime healthy smile.

George:  Okay. Doctor. Is there anything else you’d like to talk about?

John:  Yes, I can be reached via email if you have any questions in regards to your teeth at my website which is And if I can offer you any advice anything, please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email and I’ll get back with you

George:  and I’ll make sure I’ve got a link to that in the show notes.

John:  Okay.

George:  doctor Red, thanks a lot. I appreciate it.

John:  Thank you. Have a great day out.

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