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Welcome to another happy English podcast coming to you from New-York city.

And here’s your English teacher, Michael.

All right, thank you, John, and thanks everyone. This is happy English podcast, episode 255, romance idioms, part two. In episode 62, I introduced Jack and Diane, in case you don’t remember.

That was the couple that experienced love at first sight, after an evening of making eyes at each other, they dated several times after that. and even went on a double date with jack’s friends, Brad and Angelina. Diane was crazy about Jack. and soon he was head over heels for her.

In fact, Jack popped to the question to Diane one warm April afternoon in central park. She said, yes. And they got engaged. in May, they got hitched in Las Vegas. Their close friends, Brad and Angelina were with them when they tied the knot, everyone knew that they were made for each other. Since it’s valentine’s day, let’s have a look at some romantic idioms.

When you experience love at first sight, you fall in love.

The first time you meet someone, have you ever fallen in love at first sight?

Next, when you make eyes at someone, you look at them in a romantic way on Jack in Diane’s first date.

They spent the whole evening making eyes at each other.

Next, when two couples go on a date to the same place at the same time together, it’s a double date.

You can have a double date or go on a double date.

Next, When you are crazy about someone, you like them very much in a romantic way.

You can also be crazy about a food or crazy about a type of music or a sport. My friend Shinshi is crazy about yoga

next. When you are head over heels for someone, you are completely in love with them.

from the story. It seems like Jack is head over heels for Diane.

When you pop the question to someone, you propose marriage to them.  The question is  “will you marry me?” and pop has the meaning of “to unexpectedly say something”.

So,  we say pop the question.  Jack popped the question to Diane one warm April afternoon in central park.

When you get engaged or become engaged, you make a promise to marry each other.

then, you get hitched.  When you get hitched, it means you get married. They got hitched in Las Vegas.

Another idiom meaning to get married is to tie the knot. When you tie the knot, it means you get married.

Finally, we have to be made for each other. When two people are made for each other, it means they’re a perfect combination.

They’re a perfect couple about Jack and Diane. Everyone knew they were made for each other.

Well That’s our English lesson for today.

Happy valentine’s day.

Thanks for studying! And I’ll see you next time. At happy English.

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